A significant Remembrance Day

This year's Remembrance Day is significant in many ways.
  • World War I started 100 years ago.
  • Parliament Hill was attacked last month by a lone gunman after he shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a member of the military on ceremonial guard duty at the War Memorial. (Thank you for stopping him, Mister Vickers!)
  • Earlier that same week, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed in St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu by a deliberate hit-and-run. (story here)
  • In January, the Minister of Veteran's Affairs, Julian Fantino, has demonstrated the importance of always standing up against bullies like himself. (context here)
To all the veterans, we salute you.
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The Canadian Content

This is a short film about the problems with Canadian television, and how we can fix them. It was presented as an intervention at the CRTC's "Let's Talk TV" hearings on September 19th 2014 at Gatineau, Quebec. The video received generous applause at its conclusion which, apparently, is an extremely rate event at a CRTC hearing. A link to the CPAC video of the CRTC hearing will be provided once it's available. Our big thanks goes to all of the people who supported us in this project, and to the CRTC for allowing us to present our intervention in this unusual but highly effective format. Written, produced, narrated and animated by François Caron. Script editor: Jacinthe Caron. Ending theme "Meaty Meaty Meat Pie" by Uncle Ghastly. © Copyright 2014 TCPub Media Inc. This channel may be technically in hiatus, but we're still very busy in the background. As Monty Python would say: "We're not dead!"
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